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I cut myself open,
laid every slimy organ
on the table,
for your examination.

Could you smell,
the desperation, that leaked
from my every pore?

Came to Believe

I left the womb, 4 pounds and 6 ounces,
dragged out by preemie feet.
Barely compatible with life
I started fighting.
A first breathe: a battle cry.
Born into conflict,
and unfit kin.
Freshly soft flesh, turned scarred
too quickly.

abandonment in abundance

I awake from a nightmare.Sweat, sticky skin.Your casket lay before me,pale and hallowed body. Immediate desolation.Cleaver to chest.Short, staccato breath. abandonment in abundance I once saidyou were my heart.An open love letter,to yourtemporary sobriety. abandonment in abundance I’ve lost count,of the monthssince, you went missing.Or the date,when you silentlyslipped away. abandonment in abundance Insecurity,feeds onabandonment.Continue reading “abandonment in abundance”


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